Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What does the decorated cake consist of?

A: A tried and tested fresh baked cake is firstly torted into layers and brushed with your choice of chocolate / flavoured ganache or Butter Cream. Then, a covering of Ganache, or Butter Cream ,as per your choice, all over. The cake is then covered and decorated in fondant and edible fondant decorations and fondant flowers.  Please Note: flowers- while edible- once wired into a bouquet or spray they are attached to wires, thus requiring removal prior to cutting/serving. Sugar- glued on flowers are fine.

Q: How long will my cake last?

A: Your cake is made fresh to your order at the last possible time for decorating before your pick up. If left un-cut, provided it’s stored correctly, (in the cake box in cool dry place)  your cake will be good for at minimum 5-7 days pretty much as fresh as the day it was picked up.   This is due to the cakes freshness and moisture being ‘sealed’ in by the ganache and fondant.

DO NOT store your cake in the refrigerator prior to your event. Fondant ‘sweats’ in moist environment and will go tacky and any flowers may droop.

AFTER your event this is not as important, and a container in fridge will maintain the cut freshness longer. This is personal choice.

Or in airtight container in cool dry place for 5-7 days will help prevent fondant sweat.

Any toppers/ flowers and pretty things you wish to hang onto may be kept in a small cardboard box. Clear acetate boxes in display cabinet also look nice but colours fade with the light over time.  

Q: How do I know what size cake I need?

A: This is dependant completely upon the number of people you wish to serve your cake to.

Cake Serving sizes as a General guide are:

Coffee Finger serve:  1 inch x inch

Dessert serves: 1.5 x 2 inch

Please specify which size serve you wish to offer, and the number of guests.

Q: How much notice is needed to order a cake from you?

A: For Wedding and more detailed novelty cakes - 4 to 6 weeks notice is preferred but design dependant. Things like flowers and special figurines take a little more time.

For Birthday and Novelty cakes 2 to 3 weeks is preferred but also design dependant

Cupcakes- most order providing your date is not booked out, can be fulfilled with 4- 7 days notice.


Q: How much do your cakes start from?

A: Cupcakes from $3.00 ea/min 1 dozen ordered (can be mixed designs)  


:-*Simple Blossom/0r decoration with Butter Cream or basic fondant designs

*Baby Faces (quite detailed and very cute!) $3.50ea

*High tea Hats/Embossed/Matching colours floral $3.50 ea

* Medium Rose (beautiful edible flowers) $ 4.00

*Wedding- embossed bride bust/groom bust $3.50ea

Toppers: - Depends on design required but for example

*Flower Fairy seated  (quite detailed she has nail polish on hands and toes $20

*baby boy/girl on rug $20

All our cakes , birthday, celebration, novelty, Wedding, are priced according to cake  type/size chosen and detail required. Keep this in mind when asking for a quote. Extra tiers means extra boards and internal support in center plus possibly additional side decorations.   Roses and flowers take extra care and time so they do add to prices of wedding cakes when so many are required.     

Q: How do I order?

A: Firstly SEND your query to the link in my Contact Us tab.  We will endeavour to send replies within 2 business days, that your order /quote is being drawn up.  Alternatively call to arrange a consultation to discuss your needs/theme.   

ONCE YOUR QUOTE IS SENT and if you’re happy to go ahead and order your design, you must pay a deposit of 40%.  This is to both order your cake, and secure your event time slot in my event calendar!  Your date is Not secure and Cake is Not booked UNTIL your deposit is confirmed.

 You can do this either by clicking on the link to Pay Pal and paying direct to me, or sending a money order or cheque. Once again, order is not final until payment confirmation is sent to you. Cheques and money orders require more time for funds to clear prior to confirmation. 

PLEASE NOTE: Deposit is non refundable. It is however transferable (to a future order through Cake Cre8) should your event be cancelled in advance for any reason, only as long as minimum 7 days prior notice is given. This is strictly adhered to.   WITHIN this 7 day window, your designs requirements for decorations have already begun.

Q: Do you offer Delivery?

A: Yes we do.

We are local to the Macarthur region, therefore servicing locally to Cawdor, Camden, The Oaks, Oakdale, Narellan, Campbelltown, Ingleburn and also Most of Sydney. Any area for pick ups. 

Delivery incurs extra charge dependant on location. Delivery is recommended for wedding cakes to ensure they reach your venue in perfect condition. 

Q: Do You Hire stands/Towers?

A: Yes, we do.

We require a deposit of $50 for stands. This is returned once the stand is returned in condition given.  So that means stands are  FREE HIRE. Deposit is forfeited should stand be returned damaged/broken or not returned at all.