As a general guide, my custom cakes start from $120 for single tiered cakes. This is for standard 9 inch round or 8 inch square. The more detailed the decoration/ artwork is, price changes accordingly.

Quotes are based on the number of servings you require, flavor choices, and details in the design.

Two tiered cakes are priced from $195.
This is for standard 10 inch base + 7 inch top cake.

3 tiered cakes from $320

This is for 6 / 9 / 12 inch tiers

Novelty cakes are from $150.

Custom Bride and grooms from $130 a couple.

I do not charge more for weddings. Wedding cakes can sometimes cost more mostly due to needing a much larger number of serves, deluxe flavors chosen, and addition of detailed hand work like sugar flowers, custom bride and groom, and piping.

Please keep this in mind when requesting a design quote for your wedding. 

If you have an idea of your cake 'budget' then it's best to include it in your query. I can then design a few options within this range.